Orange Seal

Owned, made, and tested by cyclists for use by cyclists.

Developers, testers, users, and producers of some of the best cycling products on the market. We produce and sell ultra-light and effective tire sealant for use in tubeless tire set-ups, orange tape for sealing rims, and dry chain lube for keeping your drive train running as smooth as silk for a long, long time. We ride, race, and use our experience to make the best products on the market. Our founders' backgrounds and expertise are as varied and diverse as the riding that we do and we use it. We use it to make faster, lighter,and better products for cycling enthusiasts like you. We love to ride bikes and with your help we want to grow the industry and get more people out there on two-wheeled, human-powered, eco-friendly machines. Efficient, effective, and evolving - Orange Seal Cycling Products