18x1.50-2.25 Q-Tubes Schrader Valve Tube 118g *Low Lead Valve*

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Product description

The Q-Tubes Standard Line Schrader Valve tubes feature QBP's widest variety of tube sizes and valve lengths with a proven record of high-quality control and consistent availability.

  • .9mm wall thickness
  • Removable Schrader valve core
  • Q-Tubes Standard Line packaging features environmentally friendly soy ink printing on recycled cardboard


  • Labeled Size: 18 x 1.75-2.125
  • Weight: 118g
  • Valve Core: Removable
  • Shaft Type: Smooth
  • ISO Width (mm): 47mm, 48mm, 49mm, 50mm, 51mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 55mm, 56mm, 57mm
  • Tube Compound: Butyl
  • ISO Diameter: 355/18" BMX
  • Valve: Standard Schrader
  • Wall Thickess: 0.9 mm

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