Kool Stop

Kool-Stop D630E Disc Pads, Shimano XTR BRB965/M966 e-bike organic

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Product description

  • Specially formulated E-Bike compound with ceramic layered heat barrier between the organic friction material and backing plate to reduce heat transfer into the brake caliper
  • Designed to reduce the chances of brake fade from the higher speeds of heavier modern E-Bikes



Pad Style ID: 20 Compatibility: Shimano M975, M966, M965, M800, M776, M775, M765, M665, M655, M601, M596, M595, M585, M545, M535, R505, S500, S501, T605, T665 / TRP Dash, Parabox Fro
Pad Material: Organic Compound: E-Bike
Brand: Kool-Stop Backplate: Steel

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